EU EQUAL DAY - Keçiören Municipality, Ankara

26. Sep 18 — 26. Sep 18
activity partners: Keçiören Municipality

In the framework of the European Week of Sports "Be active’’, also the week of Disableds We Keçiören Municipality held an EU Equal Orientatin Day,where implemented outdoor sports activities including Slalom,FootGolf,Cross Boccia, Hula Hoops, SUP,Slackline, Basketball and Rope Pulling with name name: Lets Try Different Sports, ReSport..

Totally 202 people, with disabilities and their relatives, youth, National sport experts and experts, who work with persons with disabilities and local general public, Volunteers from 11 Vocational High Schools, Sport Clubs, Hearing Impaired Federation, National Team Coaches, Coaches and members of our European ReSport Project Network attended the activities. including them as active members of the event and presentation of the adapted sports we promoted non-discrimination and awareness. We especially choose disabled's as a referee on different sports stations where they made the classifications according to success degrees. Also, we have given the chance for disabled's to try the different sports in challenge with healthy individuals by giving the opportunity for people with disabilities to challenge with healthy individuals.

Media announcements followed the event that emphasized the importance of the project and the European Week of Sports.

You can see more information on tweets on @ReSportTr.