16. May 18 — 16. May 18
activity partners: Keçiören Municipality

Our turkish partners Keçiören Municipality organized First ReSport international seminars with the purpose of training experts and volunteers for the implementationof “ReSport Activities”.

In the morning of 16th May all project partners headed off to the Yunus emre Culture Center, Keçiören to attend the First ReSport International Seminar. Sport Experts working with individuals with disabilities shared knowledge and thoughts about rehabilitation process, difficulties they encounter, good practice and explored ways for building a positive and healthy lifestyle. The Coordinator of the Project Jasna Vešligaj Damiš presented ReSport Project in the process of rehabilitation for individuals with acquired brain injury and other supportive programmes during rehabilitation. Experts presented their work in the field of rehabilitation and sports teaching. Athletes with disabilities presented results in sports arching, tennis and athletics. This seminar was exchange of knowledge as well as touching with emotion.