WINTER CAMP 2019, Maribor, Slovenija

04. Feb 19 — 08. Feb 19
activity partners: NAPREJ, Centre for Persons with Acquired Brain Injury Maribor, Italian Sport Center, Rijeka Disability Sport Center Association, Federação Portuguesa de Desporto para pessoas com Deficiência, Brain Injury Matters, Keçiören Municipality, Human Profess Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft., CIF France

Winter camp took place in February in the city of Maribor. It was attended by participating partners and users from different countries. The camp was held in the week from 4.2.2019 to 7.2.2019. All participants, both users and employees, enjoyed in the activities and established new contacts and acquaintances. On the first day, 4.2.2019, we had the opening meeting of all the participating countries, where the participants got to know each other and got all the necessary instructions. On the second day of the camp, 5.2.2019 first outdoor activities were implemented. Under the foothills of Pohorje there was a game of XXXL football. The competition and all events were connected by the animators from the "Visit Pohorje" organization. After completing the matches, the participants went to the excursion to Velenje, where they visited sports facilities. In the evening the participants played the badminton game at the gym Hotel Draš. On the third day, 6.2.2019, activities took place on the hills of Pohorje. The participants took the gondola to the top of Pohorje, where they competed in sledding, snowshoeing and skiing. In the afternoon, an orientation walk took place in the center of the city of Maribor, and in the evening there was a gala dinner for users and employees, which was intended for networking between partners. On the fourth day of the camp, 7.2 2019, in the morning a competition in “pležuhi” took place in the arena near Pohorje. In the afternoon of the same day, a competition in the football darts was implemented in the Draš hotel gym. The camp ended with the award ceremony, all participants received medals, cups and memorial gift. The camp has reached its goal; we adjusted all sports activities to people with disabilities so that they could participated actively in their best abilities.