Authors of ReSport guidelines 1. 3.

Resport author 23

Jasna Vešligaj Damiš, MA Psychology and licensed psychodrama psychotherapist with extensive experience as Director of Center Naprej providing long-term rehabilitation of persons with acquired brain injury (ABI). She has completed the course of dr. Sarah McKay in neuroscience and brain health: The Neuroscience Academy Certificate of Completion in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health. She is also the project manager of ReSport project. Leader of several rehabilitation sports summer and winter events for people with ABI. She offers psychological preparation for professional athletes at international and world competitions in athletics - Athletics Club Slovenska Bistrica, Jitai Maribor. She developed a number of training programs for long-term ABI caregivers. She is also an expert in management and co-ordination of EU projects, national projects, realization of good practices, networking with schools, companies and institutions and dissemination of the project products and outcomes.

Resport author 22

Yoana Filipic, MA Psychology and DBT skills coach currently works at Center Naprej providing long-term psychological rehabilitation of persons with acquired brain injury (ABI). She has facilitated and provided support in the process of crisis intervention of persons with disabilities and persons with psychiatric disorders. Her professional interests are focused in the area of counseling, goal setting and motivation of persons with disabilities and exploring challenges facilitators of adapted physical activity programs face.

Resport author 21

Vladimir Jaćević, BA Physiotherapy is certified for Bobath problem-solving neuro-developmental approach and Cyriax method. He currently works at Center Naprej providing long-term rehabilitation of persons with acquired brain injury (ABI). He facilitates a number of adapted sports programs. His professional interests include assessment and treatment of individuals with cerebral palsy, stroke and brain injury and other allied neurological conditions, and incorporating various techniques in the process of treatment.

Resport author 20

Ladislav Mesarič, MSc Physical education, Sport and Kinesiotherapy, Olympic coach in athletics, strength and conditioning coach of Taekwondo federation of Slovenia. He has more than thirty years of experience coaching and training numerous successful sportsmen, representatives of various sports. With his primary sport - athletics he has been coaching three Olympic athletes. He is an external collaborator of Center Naprej in the preparation and evaluation of adapted sports programs for persons with acquired brain injury.

Resport author 19

Zvonka Novak, MA Social Work, licensed mediator and paediatric nurse. She is currently employed as Head of unit at Center Naprej in Maribor providing long-term rehabilitation of persons with acquired brain injury (ABI). She has worked as a paediatric nurse at Intensive therapy in Paediatrics Unit of University Medical Centre Maribor. She has got vast experience in the field of social welfare, managing dislocated units, leadership in numerous camps and other group activities for people with intellectual disabilities. Zvonka has incorporated MATP (motor activity training program) in different activities for people with severe disorders and she has participated in Special Olympics with them. She has participated in the project Happy Farm (Leonardo da Vinci) and Grundtvig (Socrates).

Resport author 18

Valentina Bolšec, MA Psychology currently works at Center Naprej providing long-term psychological rehabilitation of persons with acquired brain injury (ABI). Her work is based on providing emotional and psychological support for people with disability. She also focuses on providing cognitive rehabilitation and encouragement of motivation and achievement of goals for individuals with ABI.

Resport author 17

Danijela Majcenovič Cipot, B.A. Sociology, as sociologist passed professional examinations on a field of public administration and welfare. She worked on various fields (Law enforcement, Military, Social Welfare, Long-term unemployement). She is currently working as group facilitator providing long-term rehabilitation of persons with acquired brain injury (ABI). She is also Head of unit in Murska Sobota. She participated in many international and national conferences as attendee and also author of papers and gave preventive workshops to various target groups. She has experience with various projects on national and international level.

Resport author 16

Zsuzsanna Kovács, she is 32 years old. She graduated at the Faculty of Economics of West Hungarian University. Her thesis focuses on equal chances and disadvantaged social groups. She lives with a locomotory disability; she has been swimming and cycling since childhood. She has always been striving to help her fellow sufferes as much as she can. She is aware of the opportunities provided by local sport associations. She knows the system of national para sport organizations, she is informed about the regularly organized programs and events, and she continuously follows the changes. Along with her job, she completed a course entitled „Enforcement of equal treatment and development of social awareness”, organized by Equal Treatment Authority. Currently she has been working for Human Profess Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd. Her task is, among others, to organize sport activity of disabled people.

Resport author 15

Zsuzsana Antal, she is a certified adult training manager - teacher. She has 20 years experience in the field of social and labour market rehabilitation of disadvantaged groups and people living with a brain injury. In her job, she primarily deals with the development of international training materials. She used to work in the framework of a Slovenian-Hungarian project on the development of sport opportunities for disabled people. Working together with a medical and dive master team, she took part in the adaptation of the method of diving, so that it can become a sport that is available for disabled people. She took part in the development of the ABI training manual, as well as the preparation of the Study entitled Long-term rehabilitation of people living with an acquired brain injury.

Resport author 14

Dr Mohammed Mammad, Born on 11/07/1965 in Oran –Algeria, Dentist surgeon since 1988, French License 200, Magister of French, option: Sciences of the Literary Texts 2008, Doctorate of French, option: Sciences of Literary Texts, Jury in 2019, Training in Mediation and Conflict Management from 2012 to 2014 in Algeria, France and Germany, Head of the IEC (Information - Education - Communication) unit at the Hai El Ghoualem Public Health Establishment in Oran, Training in Montpellier for one month in 2001 on “Teaching French as a Foreign Language”, 4 internships (2 in Lyon and 2 in Oran) for the development of the university manual on oral methodology in 2010, 2017 Social Action Program CIF France in Bourges Saint Florent sur Cher, 2018 Training ANPAA (addictology) Bourges. Dr. Mammad takes part in a weekly radio show “Tips on Health”, Trainer, communicator and trainer of trainers. He joined the CIF France team as an expert for actions around people with disabilities.

Resport author 13

Mireille BOUCHER, Born April 11, 1951 Bourges, Retired social worker director. Training: specialized educator. President CIF France, CIF International Association international of social workers. Deputy Mayor school affairs and early childhood in Saint Florent sur Cher Vice President of the Local Mission (Insertion 16-25 years people) Competence in the field of social action and integration. Trainer for fosters families. Expert on insertion, animation of collective actions for people with disabilities.

Resport author 12

Nihat Yıldız, Deputy Mayor of Keçiören Municipality. He is responsible for Sports and Youth Department of Municipality and Sports Centres. He temporarily serves as rapporteur in various commissions established by the Ministry of Interior in the budget and accounting systems of the municipalities, State Tender and Public Procurement Legislation, Personnel Legislation, Public Financial Management System and Public Audit. He is lecturer in seminars and training programmes organized by the Ministry of Interior, Turkish Municipalities Union, Konya Municipal Union, Aegean Municipalities Union, Marmara and Boğazlar Municipalities Union, Black Sea and Mediterranean Municipalities Associations, TODAİE, Governorships, municipalities, foundations and universities. He is member, founder or manager in various non-governmental organizations.

Resport author 11

Mehmet Afşin Güven, computer engineer and biologist. He has got experience in EU Projects, preparation of Technical Handbook, testing reports and evaluation. He is an expert in EU Projects for disabled people, developing skills of young disabled people, development of vocational suitability for disabled adults and parental training in families of children with disabilities. He has got experience in web site design and management, software design, testing, data analysis and management. He is a professional computer programmer.

Resport author 10

Gökhan Bahçecik, manager and head of Department of Youth and Sports. He worked on several European Union Leonardo Da Vinci Action Programmes related to local municipalities. He participated in various seminars, meetings, symposiums and training programmes regarding Turkish politics and local government.

Resport author 09

Melik Bingöl, manager and head of IT Department. He is a computer engineer. He has many experience with various projects (project partner and manager of EMPATHY Project, Parental Training in Families of Children with Disabilities and of DEVOMDA project - Development Of Vocational Suitability for Disabled Adults, project coordinator of Developing Skills of Young Disabled People DESYODIP, LLP –Leonardo – TOI. He has got experience in preparation of Training Modules for Disabled, Preparing Technical Handbook, Country Analysis Reports, Expert Platforms, Dissemination of Projects and Mobility Tools.

Resport author 08

Eduardo Borges Pereira, Sports Manager. National Technical Director of FPDD since 2017. Board of Directors Chairman and Sports Director at the municipal town hall company “Palmela Desporto, EM” (Sport Palmela) for five years – 2011 to 2016.

Portuguese Sports Institute Vice-President of the Board between 2003 and 2005. Sports Coordinator at the municipal town hall of Palmela, from 1996 to 2011 (except from 2003 to 2005).

Resport author 07

Raúl Candido, Sports Technician at FPDD Portugal since 1999. Adapted Sport Coach. Work in the technical area of Disability Sports since 1991. Technical support to several Paralympic Missions at Portugal team.

Resport author 06

CUNHA, Carlota, Sports Technician at FPDD Portugal since 2015. 2 years work experience as physical teacher for disabled people at Ginásio Clube Português. Technical Officials Coordinator in Paralympic Games Rio 2016. Boccia International Referee. 2 years work experience as Personal Trainer at Health Club Solinca Vasco da Gama. Goalball National Referee. Coach of Boccia in the Cerebral Palsy Association of Lisbon. Participation as National Technical Official at the Boccia World Cup 2011 organized by the Cerebral Palsy International Sports & Recreation Association (CRISRA).

Resport author 05

Michele Lepori, CSI ReSport project handler. He has twenty years of experience in the field of sports associations and in organizing events in the field of sport for disabled people. For 10 years he has been a provincial councilor and a member of the Paralympic commission of the Lombardy region f CSI, where he obtained the qualification of Paralympic coach. Thanks to the experience he has acquired, he has also obtained a CONI high-level diploma.

Resport author 04

Alessandro Munarini, CSI referente nazionale attività disabili. He obtained his magistral diploma, and for 15 years worked as a social worker in a cooperative, providing assistance and support to disabled people. In the 90’s he obtained the requalification on the job, acquiring the qualification of professional educator. After a break in which he carried out various jobs (building trade and agriculture) he returned, from 2015, to work as a professional educator in a cooperative, always in relationship with disabled people, both minors and adults. In terms of volunteering, it has given rise to and developed a sports club in the municipality of Reggio Emilia; he was president of this sports company for 30 years. Also at the level of the Sports Center, he performed, always free of charge, various tasks: provincial councilor, head of training, regional councilor and general manager of the committee. He is currently President and general manager of the Reggio Emilia committee, national representative of the Sports Center for disabled persons and professional educators (part-time) in a cooperative with disabled people.

Resport author 03

Silvia Noci, CSI National Technical Commission for disabled people. She is a federal swimming technician. He is the director of the CO.G.IS swimming facility and coordinator of the swimming school. Swimming instructor, water fitness, water pilates, bike and treadmill. Specializing in water sports for infants and disabled people, she has worked in this sector since 1992. She collaborates with local health authorities and schools for inclusion and self-development projects for disabled people, through physical activity in the water. He currently manages the AcquaInsieme project with the Centro Toscana Toscana which involves around 25 children from 20 months to 15 years.

Resport author 02

Paolo Zarzana, CSI national trainer, CT of Italian National amputee soccer team. He works at the CSI of Modena with the role of Vice President, responsible for school projects and activities for disabled athletes. In addition, he is a councilor of the Municipality of Formigine (Mo). Graduated in Educational Sciences, he is the Vice CT of the Italian Soccer Amputation Team, which he has been following since 2012. With this team he participated in a European and 2 world championship. He currently works with the CSI in the Technical School.

Resport author 01

Ilona Koval Grubišić, Ph.D., associate professor, master of physiotherapy

Michael Lamont, BSc Psychology has recently moved on from his role as Associate Psychologist with Brain Injury Matters (NI). Michael coordinated the Youth Matters Programme providing 1:1 and group based support services to young people (13-25 years) across Northern Ireland, who have experience of an acquired brain injury. Michael provided psychologic input based on the individuals needs of the young people involved in the programme.

Fiona Mc Cabe, Brain Injury Matters Ireland.

Resport author 00

Treasa Rice, Community Engagement Officer, Brain Injury Matters. Treasa Rice, BSc Environmental Health, MSc Health Promotion currently works at Brain Injuri Matters (NI) coordinating youth and adult services for persons with acquired brain injury within their local community. She has facilitated support groups, sports interventions and one to one sessions within her role as community engagement officer.