Disability and health


Learning Outcomes:

  • to outline different definitions of disability
  • to highlight the importance of focusing on functional abilities and not on disability
  • familiarising readers with general information about what disability is and certain types of disabilities
  • information on the specialties in the mental health of people with disabilities
  • familiarising readers with the risk of obesity and preventing obesity
  • to highlight the impact of harmful habits for people with disability and how to deal with them
  • to get to know advantages and disadvantages of video games, the usefulness of video games for people with disabilities
  • to highlight the problem of doping of people with disability

Definitions of Disability 3. 1.

Author: Danijela Majcenovič Cipot

Keywords: Disability, models, interpretation

Classification of Disability 3. 2.

Author: Valentina Bolšec

Keywords: disability, mental illness, physical disabilities, sensory disabilities, learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, recommendations

Health Concerns 3. 3.