Footgolf 6. 7.

Author: Jasna Vešligaj Damiš

Keywords: footgolf, footgolf rules, outdoor sports activities

What is footgolf and for whom is it appropriate?

Footgolf is a sport where we replace the golf ball with a soccer ball. It is played by golf rules. This represents a unique and fun sport that combines the passion of football and the precision of golf and is a unique opportunity to socialize in a slightly different way. It’s an easy and fun sport for everyone who is able to kick the ball. According to the tactics, the footgolf is similar to playing golf, but the players kick the ball with their leg. It can be played as a group activity or individually. The advantage of this fairly new sport is in its simplicity. After acquiring basic knowledge of the rules and the good manners on the footgolf course, we can very quickly start enjoying the game. It is suitable for individuals from all generations.

Footgolf offers us:

  • a pleasant environment and the possibility of socializing over fun activities,
  • a competitive spirit in a green environment, and in the winter time on a snowy slope,
  • interesting recreation and intense play,
  • a football spirit on the golf course for an unforgettable entertainment,
  • relaxation from everyday worries.

The classic footgolf course has 18 holes, which can also be scribbled. There is a flag on each hole. The size of the holes must be adapted to the size of the ball. Each player has his own ball. Footgolf can be played individually or in small groups. The group consists of a maximum of 4 players who count the number of theirs and others hits. During the entire game, the player can use 72 shots. If a player moves his own ball while searching or preparing for a shot, he gets a penalty spot. During the game, it is necessary to wait until the ball stops completely before the player kicks it. The footgolf match is shorter than the match of golf, and it usually lasts for more than two hours.

Photo: Center Naprej, 2018

Photo: Center Naprej, 2018

Why are we playing footgolf with the users of Center Naprej?

People with acquired brain injury (ABI) suffer from serious consequences that permanently affect their daily functioning and their surroundings. Although the person with ABI can experience various chronic physical disabilities, it is generally the cognitive, emotional and behavioural disorders that restrict the individual the most resulting in many problems in interpersonal relationships, creating and maintaining a social network, integrating into daily leisure activities, sports activities and employment. These disorders most often change lives of individuals completely, affect their family life and their integration into the community.

In Center Naprej, therefore, we are constantly looking for new ways to encourage users to join activities that would be fun on the one hand, and on the other hand have rehabilitation effects in order to manage more effectively their limitation. At the same time, we want to encourage them to improve their strong areas.

That’s exactly why we started with this completely new for us sport, footgolf, that combines fun and recreation. It is an activity where users can relax, have fun, and at the same time have to follow certain rules, improve their physical as well as mental abilities, and learn to improve their tolerance levels. Users have learned how to play footgolf very quickly, they enjoyed playing and had fun.

Some tips and instructions for playing footgolf with our users or people with disabilities

When we started playing footgolf with our users, we did not have the right course available. We made the course on a grass surface, and in the winter on a snowy terrain, where we marked the course and made large enough holes in the snow for the balls to fit in. The holes were marked with flags or cones, in order to be well visible to users with vision disturbances.

We took care of appropriate clothing and footwear depending on the weather. In the winter, we were dressed in comfortable warm clothes and suitable hiking boots, and in warmer months more loose clothing (T-shirt, shorts). Appropriate footwear is important.

In case you play footgolf outside of the official course (if you do not have a footgolf course nearby), be careful where making holes and arranging the terrain so that it is properly prepared (remove branches, obstacles, litter etc.).

The rules of footgolf have to be well presented to the users (counting shots, penalty points, when the ball can be hit) so that there will be no complications.

Advantages and positive effects of playing footgolf

  1. improving fitness
  2. improving balance,
  3. learn to transfer and take weight to the weaker (affected) side and activate that part of the body
  4. improvement of visual - motor coordination
  5. improving the functional body position
  6. activation of proprioception
  7. activation of several muscle groups
  8. socializing while having fun in the nature
  9. encouraging a competitive spirit
  10. relaxation in the nature and in pleasant company
  11. training precision, patience, memory, positive behavioural patterns and clothing
  12. training acceptance and implementation of precise instructions.

Necessary equipment for footgolf

The mandatory equipment of the player includes:

  • appropriate clothing and footwear (recommendations: shirt with a collar or polo shirt, short trousers to the knees, suitable footwear as indoor soccer shoes or shoes for artificial grass)
  • ball.

If you do not play footgolf on a footgolf course, you can prepare it on your own because there is no footgolf without a course!

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