Learning outcomes:

  • Familiarise readers with the difference between exclusion, segregation, integration and inclusion and the development of the concepts in the society.
  • Effective implementation of inclusion for volunteers.
  • An understanding of how organizations can raise awareness to promote inclusion.
  • The benefits of volunteering for generating equal opportunities for participation.
  • Familiarise readers with the role of each partner country in the process of inclusion
  • Familiarise reader with the different approaches and ways of implementing inclusive programmes

Foreword 1. 1.

Partners in the EU project Erasmus + Sport “European sports network for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities – ReSport” 1. 2.

Authors of ReSport guidelines 1. 3.

Terminology in the guidelines 1. 4.

Author: Jasna Vešligaj Damiš

Keywords: handicapped, disability, disabled person

Adapted Physical Activity 1. 5.

Author: Yoana Filipic, Jasna Vešligaj Damiš

Keywords: adapted physical activity, EUSAPA, EUFAPA

Declaration on the specific characteristics of sport and its social Function in Europe (NICE 2000) 1. 6.

Author: Zsuzsanna Kovács, Zsuzsanna Antal

Keywords: declaration, sport for all, protection of young sportsmen and – women, solidarity