Planning an adaptive Physical Activity


Learning outcomes:

  • Familiarise readers with what needs to be focused on when planning APA
  • Familiarise readers with common principles of preparation for competitive sports
  • Gain knowledge of recommendations for managing risks in adapted sports
  • Highlight and understand risk factors when planning APA for people with disability
  • Recognise professionals assumptions, attitudes and beliefs, analysing them and challenging them
  • Practical examples and strategies in the process of maintaining boundaries
  • Familiarise readers with the importance of psychological preparation and strategies to prepare athletes with disabilities
  • Define the importance of motivation and goal setting in the process of mental preparation
  • Familiarise readers with the importance of facilitating physical activities for people with disabilities and identify obstacles they face
  • Getting familiar with devices and equipment used by persons with disabilities when performing physical activity
  • Defining the impact of technological development and the use of modern devices and equipment on the integration of people with disabilities into various adapted sports activities

How to plan Adaptive Physical Activity 5. 1.

Author: Valentina Bolšec, Jasna Vešligaj Damiš

Keywords: physical activity, adaptation, persons with disability, sports, barriers

Competition in sports 5. 2.

Author: Ladislav Mesarič

Keywords: competition, weather conditions, overload, principle of specificity, principle of progressive development, continuity principle, principle of individuality

Risks in Adapted Physical Activity 5. 3.

Author: Ladislav Mesarič, Jasna Vešligaj Damiš, Zvonka Novak

Keywords: risk factors, prevention of injuries, regulation of temperature, risk assessment, risk management plan

The Role of Adapted Physical Activity Education 5. 4.