The Role of Brain Injury Matters in the Process of Community Inclusion of Persons with Acquired Brain Injury 2. 4. 5

Author: Fiona Mc Cabe

Keywords: Brain Injury Matters NI, inclusion, acquired brain injury, rehabilitation

Brain Injury Matters NI; organisational overview

Brain Injury Matters (NI) is a non-profit organisation aiming to help rebuild the lives of children and adults living with Acquired brain injury (ABI) to enable them to reach their full potential in family and community life in Northern Ireland. Our purpose is to support people living with brain injury, help develop the skills and confidence to optimise their functioning and access a positive quality of life.

A considerable number of people with ABI will have executive functioning impairments and experience a greatly reduced capacity to problem solve, plan, organise and make decisions etc. This can have a major impact on their ability to manage everyday living, educational, employment and inter-personal situations which many people take for granted.

Brain Injury Matters (NI) delivers age-appropriate, needs-led support services designed to minimize the impact of acquired brain injury on the person and their wider network and reduce the onset of secondary problems as a result of the initial injury or illness. Our programmes aim to help individuals achieve self-identified goals, promote age appropriate independence, maximise social and educational engagement, promote psychological adjustment post-ABI and improve overall well-being.

Services offering social, sports, exercise and recreational activity, skills development, counselling, information and support are now recognised as an essential element in the range of services required to support people with ABI and their carers. They can influence recovery and outcomes, in that they support and promote the long-term adjustment and seek to help the family unit manage stress, establish meaningful activities, positive relationships and a valued lifestyle.

Brain Injury Matters NI as an inclusive organisation

Inclusion of people with disabilities in society means involving them in every aspect of social participation and maximising a person’s quality of life. This is a key principle underlying the work of Brain Injury Matters. The principle of inclusion is reflected in our organisational vision of a society where those with brain injury can live a full and meaningful life. It also is central to our three core organizational values:

Rights & Responsibilities Where everyone is actively involved in creating solutions, encouraged & supported to take responsibility

Innovation Where we will not be satisfied with the status quo and continually strive to deliver the best evidence-based services

Respect for All Where we will treat everyone, people affected by ABI, their families, staff and stakeholders with equal respect and honesty, listening and paying attention to feedback about our services