The role of CIF France in the process of inclusion 2. 4. 8

Author: persone con disabilità

Keywords: people with disabilities

CIF France contributes to the integration of people with disabilities, which are excluded from social interactions, with its continuously organized programs in France for professionals and volunteers from different countries, who work on the social field and socio-cultural animation.

CIF France organizes multicultural international programs in coordination with other branches in 25 countries around the world.

CIF France continues its integration actions with its local, regional, national and international partners. Through its expertise, CIF France has participated in several European programs.

As part of the ReSport project, they contribute to the integration by mobilizing local partners with or without disabilities. They have developed partnerships by integrating people with disabilities with people without disabilities.

The vision and fundamental goal of CIF France is inclusion and in pursuit of this goal they have made several visits to specialized centres for the disabled. In order to carry out this project well, they thought it would be better to include young people and people with disabilities, they also had the idea of giving them training in communication and speaking to convey a message. Inclusion was not just a theory but the action of a whole group who saw this project as a step to continuous working together and developing new actions.