The Role of FPDD in the Process of Inclusion 2. 4. 4

Author: Eduardo Borges Pereira

Keywords: sport development; inclusion of people with disabilities through sport; disability areas.

FPDD – Portuguese Federation for Disability Sports has 30 years of contribution for development of sport in Portugal, especially for people with disabilities.

FPDD and his four associates (there were five until 2017) – the National Associations for sports are specialized for disability area: blind, cerebral palsy, deaf, intellectual and motor impairment. They have had a major contribution to bring more people with disabilities to sport, having “sport for all” as the main mission and competition sports, national teams and high performance as second goal.

Our mission is to provide to all persons, independently of their functional capacity, opportunities of sport practice and physical activity through life, according with the level of involvement required by each one, in their community.

Our organization develops many projects in partnership with other organizations, focusing on disabled people, especially children and youngsters, and on training of professionals and teachers. We support the organization and participation in international competitions by some national teams, such as Boccia and Goalball. This is a continuous process of inclusion through sport and physical activities with very good results in Portugal.