The role of Human Profess Non-profit Ltd. in the process of inclusion of people with disabilities 2. 4. 7

Author: Zsuzsanna Kovács

Keywords: Human Profess, inclusion, disabled people

Human Profess Non-profit Ltd. is offering – among other things – project management and labour market services, training for NGOs, governments and for-profit companies in Hungary. Activities of the company also include services that preserve, improve and assist the living and health conditions of workers with disabilities.

Human Profess is an accredited employer where they provide work for 24 workers with disabilities: from simple, easily acquirable, semi-skilled work through project administrators to trainer tasks.

Their experts have many years of experience in the fields of rehabilitation, labour market services, adult education, and international practices. Professional experience and knowledge provides a safe base for the organisation to be able to offer long-term assistance for people with disabilities regarding their rehabilitation employment. Methods and practices employed in international projects are also incorporated into the improvement process of employees. They provide a complex service to their employees with disabilities (job opportunity, training opportunity, mentor support) in the interest of their successful rehabilitation.

The long-term goal of Human Proffes is to assist in the employment of workers with disabilities and to provide them with an occupation suitable to their education, existing skills and health conditions. The company’s further goals involve contributing to the improvement of their adaption skills, to ensure their permanent employment, and to motivate and support their entry into the open labour market. They also provide regular sport activities for colleagues with disabilities. Posts are regularly available on their Facebook-site. They continuously share articles and videos that are related to people living with various diseases and impairments.