2nd Day Of Partners Meeting In Slovenia

17. March 17

We experienced 2nd March 2017, in the sporting spirit. In the morning project partners, employees, users, volunteers and professionals started the bus trip to the other side of Slovenia, to Planica, where we held The First Experts Meetings of the project ┬╗RESPORT." On a beautiful sunny day we saw ski jumping and ski flying hills. We were able go to the top of the ski flying hill, which was a unique experience for all of us. After that we visited a brand-new Planica Nordic Centre. Experts from various fields delivered lectures after lunch. We listened to a seminar about the adopted and inclusive physical activity for persons with ABI. An external expert presented a device called pro ski simulator and the ways people with disabilities could be using it. We listened to a lecture about the benefits of Nordic walking and options of adapting Nordic poles for carrying out a Gymstick Nordic Walking training, which is suitable and recommended for different groups of people. At the end, we also listened to a seminar about the risks and hazards associated with sports participation for individuals with disabilities. Full of impressions after this beautiful and educational day, we traveled to our capital city of Ljubljana and took a short stroll in the city centre.