First international interactive conference of sports rehabilitation, Belfast, Northern Ireland

26. November 17

In the morning of 23rd November all project partners have headed off to the First International ReSport Conference at the National Stadium at Windsor Park. The ReSport Conference (Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation and Everyday Living for Young People and Adults with Disabilities) explored the benefits of sport for people with disabilities and the contribution of sports participation to rehabilitation and as part of the process for building a positive and valued lifestyle. Conference gathered 106 delegates from a variety of backgrounds including clinicians, physiotherapists, nursing, occupational therapists sports coaches, public service organisations. The Coordinator of the Project Jasna Vešligaj Damiš introduced The European Perspective: ReSport Project with the implemented activities and achieved results. The rest of the guest speakers presented results of their work in the field of cognitive psychology, rehabilitation, sports medicine and engaging people with disability in sports. The conference looked specifically at the contribution of involvement in sports to the process of rehabilitation and recovery, in physical, psychological (cognitive and emotional) and social functioning.  We are proud to state that the conference encouraged with its excellence and inspired us all for our professional work and lives. Afterwards we have joined the stadium educational tour. We were presented with the activities they provide, the history of the Irish National Team and the ways of engaging people in sports. Please see below interesting moments from the conference day.