ReSport Summer Camp, 2017, Rome, Italy

03. October 17

ReSport Summer Camp 2017

In the period from 27th to 29th September 2017 we organized the “RESPORT SUMMER CAMP” at Casa San Juan de Avila and Istituto Santa Maria in Rome. 30 sport experts and 12 users engaged in the activities, and also 15 young students of the Istituto Santa Maria. Participants from all partner countries of the ReSport project attended the Summer Camp. Event was intended for persons with disabilities to actively participate in sport activities. Adapted sports presented at the Summer Camp were table tennis, orienteering and crossboccia. The first ReSport Summer Camp has been the occasion to test and implement some of the sport activities of the ReSport project, and laid the foundation for the development of the activities, to be facilitated in the following months in the different partner countries. In Rome we held as well Press Conference that has been the occasion to focus on the aims of the project, which intend to create a network for the social inclusion of people with disabilities through innovative sport activities.