Stand up paddle boarding

Most of you have probably seen people gliding across the water, standing on a board in the sea on a sunny day. They are enjoying a new way of water recreation – Stand up paddle boarding. This is a water sport where the riders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. This sport has exploded in popularity in Slovenia and abroad in the past few years becoming the quickest-growing water sports in the world. 

This new opportunity for outdoor recreation has got us all at Center Naprej hooked. You can see us cruising along the shore of Adriatic coast, across lakes, rivers and gravel pits.

It has added a completely new dimension to organizing and enjoying our Summer Camps near lakes and on the seaside. Nevertheless, it is also a unique opportunity for developing a rehabilitation program, practising interesting sports, rehabilitation exercise for the whole body, exploring nature and way of meeting new people and sharing experience. 

What is Stand up paddle boarding and who is it appropriate for?

Stand up paddle boarding, otherwise known as SUP, once an ancient method of transportation is now a sport that is easy and appropriate for everyone who wants to explore the nature paddling.

It is sports enjoyed by young kids, men, women, older adults, people of all sizes, disabled and everyone in between. Saying it is appropriate for the whole family we should not forget our four-legged companions as paddle boarding is a fun way to spend time with our dogs.

Standing, paddling and taking the pleasure in observing the nature we were honestly surprised that our users got used to balancing and gained control over the paddle boards very quickly. Even though having fun is important, safety is always our priority. Boards should be appropriate length and width, hull type and we should have accessories like a paddle, PFDs (Personal flotation devices) and a leash. Our service users were capable to learn how to maintain control of the boards and confidently floated around in just half an hour. With a lower centre of gravity and a life vest on, which adds buoyancy they did not fear much and falling in off a board when they lost balance was the best thing they could possibly do. As they fell on the soft life vest they faced their fear of water and slowly overcame it and enjoyed, even more, when they got on the board the next time.

And last but not least SUP stands out amongst sports for being a very sociable, calming, and engaging with nature activity. As we quietly float together crossing lakes we have the unique opportunity to explore and learn about the beautiful nature of Slovenia.